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We are Paged.

As writers, we’ve had the joy of work accepted; we’ve had the pain of work rejected. We know what it feels like, and we’ve walked in your shoes.

As editors, we’ve learned the excitement that comes with helping an author find their truest expression writing. The connection forged in that relationship is a precious experience, profound and deeply human.

As publishers, we’ve watched like proud parents a writer scale the steep walls of this industry. Nothing has made us happier than to see the future successes our authors have encountered after their original publication with us.

Every writer has a unique story to express to the world. This is our passion: your story, you. We know writing is a long journey, with an incredible commitment of time, tears, and treasure. We’ve walked in those shoes.

Getting published and getting noticed may be a difficult battle, but we believe it’s a battle worth fighting. We believe your art is worth fighting for, that fight is in our DNA. Our objective is to create the tools and connections to help you find that expression in front of the people who need it most, your future readers.

We care that you become successful in your craft, however you choose to define success. We want to help you reach your goal. Whether that’s improving your craft, forming bonds with other writers, self-publishing your work, getting a traditional publishing contract, or earning a living from your writing. We’re working hard behind the scenes here to create a place that brings you closer to your dreams.

To do that, we’re creating Paged to be a place for you to be and talk and work that’s sheltered from the typical noise of social media platforms. Sheltered from the babble, the insincerity and cynicism that dominates the usual public spaces online. We’re creating a place about personal growth and community as a writer.

We want you to be able to find writers and industry professionals to collaborate with— people who can be a part of the team that moves you forward because no one does this alone.

We’ve created an app that’s available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It’s available in your pocket to help you reach higher. We are creating tools to save you time and money on this journey. It’s also available on your desktop.

Our service is currently active and available to invited users. Paged is for you.

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