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Our Manifesto

If we are to measure the success of the support system for writers by how many books languish on hard drives and in filing cabinets—we must measure that system as a tragedy. Writer after writer tells the same story: I love writing, but so much of this journey is a collection of frustrations and mysteries seemingly out of my control. The result is that innumerable works of written art have evaporated, never meeting their audience or transforming their reader. Innumerable writers have remained anonymous not because they failed at writing, but because the world did not know how to find them. A tragedy, and one that moves us to put Paged into the world to remedy as soon as we can.

We are making Paged to be the tool that steps up and meets every individual where they are on the journey of being a writer. Whether you’ve just written your first favorite sentence, or you have six books with one of the Big Five—nearly every writer experiences feelings of Impostor Syndrome. Don’t believe that inner doubt. Persist. Find your community of support on Paged. This new space is designed to serve you on your journey to create something meaningful and to share it with the world.

First—by busting the myth of the solitary writer. No book, none of your favorite works, has been created in isolation. Each work is a product of a community around its author, and often, the world has found that work because it had such a community. Paged is first and foremost a field of writerly community. We are designing a safe space in which writers can find each other, talk with one another, push each other forward. Within Paged, you’ll discover an easy and intuitive structure by which to meet your peers, your writing groups, your trusted critique partners, even your diverse and robust audience of beta readers. Always writers have struggled with the question of when their work is “ready,” when and if they’re making progress as writers—community is how we get the answer.

Second—by erasing the non-writing complications that keep books from the world. The three phases of writing professionally can perhaps be simplified this way: first, the writing; second, the finding publication; and third, finding the audience. For many, many writers, only that first phase is intuitive, or even fun. The journey toward publication and what comes after is neither obvious nor aligned with the actual skill of writing itself. Paged will work with the whole literary community of authors, editors, publishers, agents, publicists, etc. to create simple and straightforward tools and personalized opportunities to get your writing from your computer to magazines, presses, publishers, and readers. We want Paged to be the ultimate writer’s assistant: tackling every task that keeps an author away from the joy of writing itself.

And third—by bringing the writing community into the mobile world. We’re very intentional about creating a tool that can always be within arms’ reach. There is poetry in calling our handheld computers “phones.” The nearness of our phones is becoming synonymous with the nearness of our friends, our family, the world of strangers and their opinions. Paged will be the first and only mobile community tool designed for writers from the ground up—inspiration and motivation always available, always right there when you need it.