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Tutorial #3: Finding Submission Opportunities

by Kathleen Nolan

Paged is designed to help you thrive in your writing career. As writers ourselves, we know that it can be tedious and overwhelming to scour the internet for the perfect places to house your writing. So we made the process easier! Our submission opportunity search feature gives you access to our full database of contests, fellowships, workshops, submission opportunities, and more. Simply fill out some info about your writing and where you’re hoping to submit it (you can make the search as specific or as broad as you want!) and you’ll get a list of opportunities that match your needs within seconds.

Here’s how to use the feature:

  1. Head to the Submissions Opportunities tab at the bottom of the home screen.

2. Select a submission time frame that works best for you. It can be anywhere from one month to a full year!

3. Add any keywords that might narrow down your search, like “romance,” “contemporary,” or “fantasy.” This step is optional, but great for writers who have a particular niche.

4. Select the types of opportunities you’re looking for. You can select as few or as many as you want— we have plenty of options for contests, publications, grants, workshops, and fellowships for you to check out! We’ve selected Contests and Regular Publications below!

5. Select the genre of the work you want to submit. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, translations, or dabble in a bit of everything, we have you covered.

6. Select the length of your work. We have options ranging from micro fiction (<400 words) to story collections and novel excerpts up to 40,000 words!

7. Would you prefer free submissions, or are you willing to pay a fee for an opportunity you’re interested in? If you’re looking for free submissions, fear not! You can check the box to exclude opportunities with fees.

8. Check out the opportunities in store for you! If you want to broaden or narrow down your results, you can always go back and change your search.

9. Decide which opportunities are best suited for you and your work! We hope you find the perfect home for your writing!